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1907 Sansom St, Philadelphia
Mon - Fri: 11:30am - 2am   Sat & Sun: Noon - 2am

Happy Hour 4pm - 6pm Mon - Fri
Kitchen Open Until Midnight



Large Plates

Ancho Chili Braised Short Ribs

baby potatoes, fresh vegetable slaw, sesame seeds

Reuben Burger

angus beef, pastrami, Swiss cheese, napa cabbage,
red onions Russian dressing on sesame brioche

Smoked Chicken Wings

honey hot sauce, pickled vegetables, buttermilk blue cheese - Small 10 Large 14

Your Mac & Cheese

cavatappi pasta, creamy cheese sauce, jalapen?o herbed breadcrumbs
Add: pork belly +4, short rib +4, bacon +4, kielbasa + $4,
tomato & serrano chile +2

Angry Mussels

cajun kielbasa, jalepenos, tomatoes, roasted garlic, toasted garlic flatbread

Fergie Veggie Burger

black bean, corn, avocado, pretzel bun,
served with potato wedges

Crispy Honey Hot Chicken Sandwich

lettuce, ranch dressing, sweet and spicy pickles, sesame brioche bun, served with fries

Blackened Salmon or Tofu

whole grains, roasted veggies, salsa verde, baby greens - tofu 14 salmon 16

Small Plates

Crispy Cheese Curds

served with a sriracha ranch aioli

Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts

pomegranate, pistachios, balsamic reduction

Short Rib Poutine

cheese curds, potato wedges, scallions

Goat Cheese Spinach Fondue

herb garlic toasted baguette

Roasted Mushroom Flatbread

herbed ricotta, fontina cheese, caramelized onion, baby arugula, truffle oil

Seasoned Wedges

with rosemary, parmesan & truffle oil


Kale Ancho Salad

parmesan, fried quinoa, pumpkin seeds, ancho chili Caesar dressing

Wedge Salad

iceberg lettuce, smoked bacon, pomegranate seeds, red onions, buttermilk bluecheese dressing


Mom's Apple Dumpling

cinnamon sauce, vanilla ice cream

Lemon Thyme Cheesecake

blueberry sauce